Konner Ingersoll and his Bows

Cameron Wood, Editor

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So many students from Bethel are involved in dozens of activities outside of school, ranging from hunting to soccer to volleyball. Students here have achieved amazing awards that can get swept under the rug because they aren’t activities that happen on school grounds.

Konner Ingersoll is one of those talented students. He has recently won 7th in a national competition for archery. Winning a national title is an extreme honor and Ingersoll deserves it for his hard work and determination.

His friends and family are all so proud of him and everything he has accomplished in his time in archery. Kari Ingersoll is Konner’s mother and has watched him grow in the sport that he loves. Ingersoll and her husband run the county wide practice for archery and have practice every thursday. She says, “he fell in love with the sport and then he would set a goal and always achieve it and I am so beyond proud of him.” Ingersoll continues by saying, “I am extremely proud of how he helps others just like others helped him.” “He takes time to poor into other archers like he had when he was younger.”

Ingersoll has received so many awards in his life that it’s not even possible to list them all. These are the awards Ingersoll is most proud of:

  • USA Archery Outdoor Bronze Olympia Pin
  • USA Archery Indoor Bronze Olympian Pin
  • Oklahoma ASA Shooter of the Year
  • Alamo 1440 Outdoor Target Champion
  • Set a state outdoor target record in 2017
  • JOAD Indoor Nationals 3rd place

Ingersoll shoots in USA Archery, NFAA, ASA, OSAA, JOAD, 4-H. He states, “I shoot indoor tournaments, outdoor Fita tournaments, field archery and 3-D archery.

Konner has spent many years in this sport and plans on extending his future career. Ingersoll says, “I plan on going pro in archery. I spend a ton of time thinking, problem solving, and experimenting with my equipment to see what will get me those few extra points.” Ingersoll says “the hardest thing is patience,” he continues with “I’ve noticed over the past 6 years of competing I have learned and gotten better in the sport, and my scores grow every single year.” After all this Ingersoll states, “I don’t have a specific plan on getting there, but I am learning and getting better and after some hard work and patience I feel like I can be at the pro level shooting pro scores.”

Ingersoll’s favorite things about archery is “not just the tournaments, but the people I meet in archery are amazing. I have friends all over the U.S. all because of archery.” He says, “I love competing, it is so hard and stressful at times, but when you win, it makes everything so worth it.” He also says “tournaments are never the same, they all have their own challenges within them.” He says he is “most proud of how far I have come in the sport, going from a little kid that could hardly shoot, to a sponsored shooter.” He states, “I help kids at 4-H archery practice and I love to see them grow and love the sport like me.”

Ingersoll has many different things to look forward to when it comes to archery, from the friendships to the challenges that come along the way. One day he will make it big and will look back on all his past achievements and how they have helped him get to where he is.

Congratulations to Konner and all of his achievements, you are an extremely talented and hardworking student!