Places to Travel

Lorelei Yarbrough, Staff Writer

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The time of year is approaching where people pack their bags and are ready to go on a summer adventure. There are millions of places around the world you could see but just to name a few:

Redwood trees:

You could travel to see giants tower 379 feet in the sky and 24 feet across in the coast of California. There lives the redwood trees. They go past the clouds and hold eco systems of their own in their canopies. You can the climb redwood trees and spend a night there under the clouds and stars by strapping yourself  to branches that are still standing strong after 1,500 years and lay in a hammock to spend a night in a world most don’t know is up there.

Travel inside a Volcano:

In Iceland you can travel 700 feet under volcano Thrihnukagigur. Thrihnukagigur hasn’t erupted in 4,000 years so it is completely safe to explore. Once you are under the earth’s surface, there is 160×220 ground space to explore which is equivalent to 33 full size basketball courts and the height makes it where it could be easy to fit the full Statue of Liberty inside. Under the earth’s surface there is crystals and rocks that illuminate a stunning variation of color. In the magma chamber, liquid rock waits to find its way to the surface causing an eruption, in most cases after the volcano erupts the crater is closed by cold hard lava. Thrihnukagigur is a rare exception to this, the magma in the chamber seems to have disappeared.

Grand Canyon:

20 million years ago the Colorado river began to carve into the the ground creating the Grand Canyon. Through erosion, the Grand Canyon is full of smoothed, sharp rocks colored by unique color combinations. The Grand Canyon is 6,093 feet deep and is 227 miles long. In those 227 miles you can go rafting for 6-7 days and only cover 188 miles. The Grand Canyon is so large it overwhelms with its immense size.

There are thousands of beautiful places around the world and these are just a few of the amazing natural attracts the world has offered us!