Masonic Student and Teacher of Today

Janie Brown, Editor

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On April 28th, the Masonic Student and Teacher of Today Awards were held at the Shawnee Masonic Temple. This award ceremony awards the teachers and students for all of their hard work throughout the year.

Bethel High School’s Masonic teacher of today is Mrs. Alicia Gardner. She has been a teacher at Bethel for 6 years and teaches Physical Science and Biology II. Bethel’s Upper Elementary Masonic teacher of today is Mrs. Shawna Thompson. She is one of the 3rd grade teachers and also Bethel Public School’s Teacher of the Year. Bethel’s Lower Elementary Masonic Teacher of Today is Mrs. DeAndra Bishop. She is one of the 1st grade teachers. The Masonic Student of Today awards went to Seth Jackson and Gracie O’Rorke.

For the Rutherford/Clark Memorial Scholarship Senior Essay Awards Bethel High School had six recipients. For 3rd place, the recipients were Emily Keene and Seth Jackson who both won $250. For 2nd place, the recipients were Keagan Engle and Zarek Rooker and both won $350. For 1st place, the recipients were Gracie O’Rorke and Eric Messick. They both won $500.

For the Donald W. Askins Memorial Scholarship Awards Gracie O’Rorke was awarded $200.

For the State Essay contest Gracie O’Rorke won 4th place and she was awarded $1,500. In 8th place Eric Messick was awarded $600.

Congratulations to the winners! Bethel High School is so proud for all they have achieved!