Avery Baxter

Janie Brown, Editor

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Avery Baxter is one of the top juniors at Bethel High School. She manages to keep up her grades, spend time with friends, and play competitive softball through the Oklahoma Exclusive league.  

When asked how long she has played softball she says, “Since I was 4 years old, so 13 years. My parents even put me into competitive t-ball to start out.” Baxter used to play pitcher but now she rotates between 1st base and outfield.

Baxter says, “My favorite thing about playing competitive is the people. I have met some of my closest friends through this league. You meet people and you click instantly.” Later she says, “I enjoy playing competitively as opposed to playing through school because there is less drama, you play against more competitive teams, and you get to travel to the coolest places.”

Colleges are constantly trying to recruit Baxter. When asked what colleges have contacted her she says, “Colorado State, Oklahoma Baptist, Wichita State, Dartmouth, and many more.”

Baxter says, “If I had to choose an out of state school to play softball at I would choose Dartmouth in a heartbeat. If I have to choose an in state school to play at I would probably choose University of Central Oklahoma.”

When asked if she wanted to go pro she replied, “No, it has to end sometime. I want to go into the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) like freaking criminal minds.”

Avery Baxter is a great student, fantastic mentor, exceptional softball player, and an amazing friend!