Graduating Mid-Term: Pros and Cons

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Graduating Mid-Term: Pros and Cons

Nicole Bowlan, Editor

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For enrolling juniors, the choice of graduating early can be a tough one. There are many things that are gained, or lost, when graduating mid-term.

“Before making such a life-changing decision, it is crucial for students to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of early high school graduation,” stated the Academy of Exploration International, later adding, “No matter what your motivation is for wanting to complete high school sooner, you want to strive for something that you love to do, not just get away from something that you hate.” Here are some pros for graduating early:

You can make money sooner.

Graduating early means that you can get a full time job sooner. By getting a head start on making more money, you can become independent and start saving up. Plus, you can have your own income which is great. Being able to work full-time is one of the main reasons students choose to graduate early.

You can have some time to waste.

If you don’t want to spend time at school taking easy classes, you can always graduate early and spend time doing things you enjoy. “You could travel, take a full-time internship, or dedicate six months to preparing for college,” stated Buzzfeed.

You can get a headstart on college.

“If you are an advanced and especially mature student, a college environment may be more intellectually stimulating, and could offer challenges you may not be able to find in high school,” stated Collegevine, “If you have already exhausted the resources your high school and community have to offer, graduating early may open up some more interesting opportunities.”

Graduating early has its disadvantages, too. It could become overwhelming trying to finish out high school ahead of schedule and make good choices with the time off. Here are some reasons graduating mid-term can be a negative thing:

You have to leave people behind.

Leaving high school means leaving your friends and teachers, too. This is especially hard if you are a social butterfly or heavily involved in the school. Leaving high school early might mean missing out on things.

You have to face the real world.

Once you leave high school, you should have some sort of plan as to what direction you plan on heading. “The real world has expectations when it comes to your appearance, your behavior, your work or study performance, and the way you present yourself professionally,”  stated the Academy of Exploration International.

You’re out of the loop.

Graduating early means you become kind of disconnected from important things happening at your school. You may be able to still be involved in things, but it can become confusing without the daily reminder from the school. You also might not be able to get everything done that needs to be done, such as scholarships, credits, and other important things.

While graduating early has upsides and downsides, the choice is yours to make. All in all, making the decision between graduating early or staying is a serious decision and you need to be sure that whatever path you take contributes to your life ahead.