Gracie O’Rorke

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Gracie O’Rorke

Anita Mikeska, Staff Writer

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Gracie O’Rorke is a senior at Bethel High School and is finishing up the last few months that are left of her high school career. Since her freshman year, O’Rorke says that, “I have come out of my box. I stopped caring what people think and have began to enjoy life relentlessly.”

When O’Rorke thinks about her hardest challenge in high school she shares, “I think the most significant challenge I faced in high school was confronting the harsh reality that it is okay to fail. It is okay to try and not succeed. It is okay to struggle in math, English, or history, or to stress about your upcoming test.  It is okay, and it will be okay.”

As she’s been in high school for four years, she knows what it is all about. Her advice to current eighth graders who will be starting high school in the fall is, “Participate! Get involved in things you would not normally get involved in! Meet new people, make new friends! Step out of your box. High school will be miserable if you don’t.”

Looking back on all the years she’s been in high school, her favorite year was her sophomore year because, “It is a year of growth, independence, and self discovery. As people get their licenses, learn to drive, and really start to think for themselves, sophomore year becomes pivotal.”

After high school, O’Rorke plans to attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee

double majoring in English and Public Policy with a pursuit in law.

When O’Rorke looks ahead to where she may be in 5, 10, or 20 years, she shares,  “In five years, I see myself graduating from college with my bachelor’s and hopefully on my way to law school. Ten? Married with maybe a couple kids and some career success behind me. But 20? Man. I can barely think that far.”

When O’Rorke thinks back to all of  the staff members she has met at Bethel, she thinks about one particular teacher and shares “Mrs. Johnson has had such an impact on my life, and her influence goes far beyond mere AP English. On top of pushing me to improve my writing and analytical skill, Mrs. Johnson has never failed to counsel me about school and about life. I’m grateful for her grace, her influence, and her poise.”

On an ending note O’Rorke says, “Hydrate or die.”