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Cameron Wood, Editor

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A few weeks ago, students of all ages put on their best dresses and suits and partied their hearts away at Bethel’s 2019 Prom. This night is the night all girls wait for. There is so much preparing that goes into it, from the cute promposals to buying the outfits to the night itself.

The Junior class puts their time and effort into planning this magical night for everyone. They order crowns for the prom royalty, design the whole theme for the night, and decorate the day before.

Prom night is filled with plenty of sentimental moments, from realizing that senior year is almost over to the slideshow that brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Through lots of voting there are seniors who win titles called superlatives. Many wait a very long time to win one of these awards. Candidates who are up for prom royalty get super excited to dance together and receive their crowns.


Prom King: Connor Franetovich

Prom Queen: Kodi Stapp


Prom Prince: Jaylon Gordon

Prom Princess: Laney O’rorke




Mr. BHS: Eric Messick

Miss. BHS: Gracie O’rorke


Best sense of humor boy: Shawn Henson

Best sense of humor girl: Destiny Lackie-Miller


Class clown boy: Brendan Carlile

Class clown girl: Skylar Fletcher


Best athlete boy: Matt Melter

Best athlete girl: Harley Gregory


Best hair boy: Darrius Low

Best hair girl: Abby-Grayce Hall


Most likely to succeed boy: Eric Messick

Most likely to succeed girl: Gracie O’rorke

Most intelligent boy: Zarek Rooker

Most intelligent girl: Rebekah Clemmons


Best personality boy: Matt Beshears

Best personality girl: Lillie Fuller


Best dressed boy: Jacob Pratt

Best dressed girl: Madeline Rayner


Best eyes boy: Jaden Jesseph

Best eyes girl: Kylee Mitchell


Biggest flirt guy: Jake Williams

Biggest flirt girl: Rian Gamble


After prom was over, all the students were welcome to make their way down to the bowling alley where “after prom” was being held. Thanks to generous donations from the community, students were able to put their names into a drawing to win prizes ranging from mini-refrigerators to gift cards! All night long, everyone was welcome to free bowling and received $5.00 arcade cards. Overall, the night was a blast and will always be a night to remember.

Thank you to all of the sponsors who put so much of their time into this wonderful night. You all made it so much fun for everyone who went!