Here We Go Again!!

Lorelei Yarbrough, Staff Writer

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Mamma Mia, here we go again! It is time for Bethel’s spring production of the hit musical Mamma Mia. Senior Rebekah Clemmons is playing one of the main characters, Sophie Sheridan, and she dreams of having her dad walk her down the aisle at her wedding, but there is one small issue: Sophie does not know who her dad is.

Sophie’s mom, Donna Sheridan, played by junior Kimber Farris, is an independent hotel owner in the Greek islands where they live. Sophie uses her mother’s diary and finds three men she suspects may be her father; Billy Austin, played by junior Hudson Haskins, is a Swedish adventurer, Sam Carmichael, played by sophomore John Clemmons, is an Irish-American architect, Harry Bright, played by senior Jeffrey Peltier, is a British banker.

       The only people that know about the three men that Sophie secretly invited to her wedding are her two best friends Ali, played by sophomore Chloe Gardner, and Lisa, played by senior Kateri Phillips.  

          Donna reveals her confusion about her daughter’s marriage to her old friends Rosie Mulligan, played by senior Destiny Lackie, and Tanya Cheshman-Leigh, played by senior Kyla Hanigar. She believes her daughter is too young to be getting married and wishes she could be her age again, having wild adventures.

   Throughout the musical, Sophie tries to discover which man is her actual father.  At first, she tries to hide the men from her mother, but Donna eventually sees them staying in her hotel and re-sparks an old love interest by seeing one of them.

    To figure out who Donna rekindles with and what happens during Sophie’s wedding, come see Mamma Mia in Bethel’s Old Gym on Friday, April 5th at 6:30 or Saturday, April 6th at 6:30!