Rowdy the Boston Terrier

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Hi, my name is Rowdy and I’m a 6-year-old Boston Terrier. I have lived with my family my entire life! My dad, Bob, got me when I was just a baby; I was so small I could fall asleep in the palm of his hand. My favorite toy is a purple dinosaur with orange spots. I love when my owners eat dinner because my mom, Anna Belle, always gives me food. My favorite is when she gives me some steak!

One of my many needs is to get my 14 hours of beauty sleep or else I am grumpy all day and I get puffy red eyes so it looks like I’ve been crying. I often can’t decide which owner I want to sleep with, so I usually start out in Ray’s room and then go in with Mom and Dad halfway through the night.

My favorite things to do are bark at the dust under the bed, make little angry puffs when I’m mad or uncomfortable, spastically run in and out of rooms looking for dog toys or family members, and make little boof noises in my seemingly everlasting slumber. I hate to: have to get out of bed, have my favorite bone stolen from me by a pesky human just trying to keep my fragile dog attention on her, get baths even though I roll around on the dirty ground, and I hate it when my humans are eating food and they refuse to share with me because of my “rancid gas problem.”

One of my favorite things is when my mom gets me fancy clothes. Recently, she got me a bunny outfit to keep me warm when it was cold and she got me socks for my paws that say “I love dad,” on them.

My owners tend to give me some very odd nicknames. My mom used to refer to me as Squishy Face because of my extra face flab. My dad refers to me as Buddy because we’ve always been bros. My favorite owner, Ray, often refers to me as “her son” even though my actual owner is Bob.

One of the things my owners hate about me, besides the terrible gas, is when, after I’ve just gotten a bath, I go outside and roll around in the gross grass. They also hate it when I am asleep in their bed, and then they leave to go do something and when they come back I am exactly where they just were.

Despite my supposed “flaws” my family still loves me a lot… even though I kick them out of their bed on a regular basis.