Katie Nichols

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Katie Nichols

Anita Mikeska, Staff Writer

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Being a high school senior can be pretty tough, but it was nothing to Katie Nichols; she already graduated midterm and is starting her life. Looking back she has enjoyed the years at Bethel.  When asked about her favorite memory she replied, “there is no defining moment, really just getting to know awesome people like Eli VanNoy and Blaine Blair.”

Nichols also seems to have her future figured out. When asked what she wants to do after she graduated she shares, “I fully plan on attending UCO, living on my own in Edmond, and pursuing a career in psychology with a minor in writing of some sort.”

Growing up is all about change and Nichols shares how she has changed since freshman year, “As a freshman, I was naive with people I thought I would always be around. Now I am tougher, wiser, a harder worker and all around much more intelligent.”

Growing up is also about planning ahead and foreseeing the future and what it may hold. In five, ten, or maybe even twenty years, Nichols says her future may look like this: “ 5 years: probably still in college attempting a master’s degree, 10: living with a decent amount of money, 20: possibly happy and content with where I am with enough money to give my cats and dogs a comfortable and happy life.”

Nichols shares that the toughest thing about high school is, “Most likely the struggle of leaving behind people I cared for when I graduated mid-term. I hope they’re all doing well, and I really miss them.” That being said, her advice for current eighth graders becoming freshman this fall is “Don’t peak in high school, and give the newspaper a try.”

Looking back, she shares that her junior year was her favorite year because she “Participated in some AP classes and she pushed herself, became close with some awesome people, indulged in writing and learned so much more about who she is and what she loves.“

When she thinks about the people that had a big influence on her education she thinks about Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. O’Rorke. “They care so much about kids and education and without their influence I don’t know where I would be.”

And on an ending note, she shares “ I miss all the staff writers at The Posted Paw and of course Mrs. J. Hope you guys are awesome! Keep writing and don’t give up on yourselves :)”