Katelyn Roberts

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Katelyn Roberts

Nicole Bowlan, Editor

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Katelyn Roberts is currently finishing her last semester as a senior at Bethel High School. Since freshman year, she states that “she has grown up and learned how to be her own person.”

Roberts says her most memorable moment in high school was “achieving NHS and getting her CNA certification.”

When asked what year was her favorite in high school, she said “Junior year would be my favorite year of high school because I got to attend Gordon Cooper and become a Certified Nurse Aide.” She also was able to get a job at the nursing home, which she still works at currently.

Her hardest challenge was getting through sophomore year. “A lot of things happened, and it wasn’t my greatest year, let’s just say that,” Roberts stated.

Roberts has learned a lot throughout her high school experience and her advice to freshman is to “take it seriously but not too seriously.” She also states that “high school will determine who you become in the long run.” She continues by advising freshman to “have fun and enjoy being young, but don’t let it interfere with school work.”

During her time at Bethel, Roberts has had many staff members influence her education and herself. She says that during freshman year her biggest influencer was Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Lindsey. “No matter what, [Mrs. Gardner] always knew how to make your day better and help you get things done that needed to be done.” As for Mrs. Lindsey, Roberts states that “she made me love freshman year and enjoy math as one of my favorite subjects.” For Sophomore year, Roberts says “Mrs. Keehn helped me throughout sophomore year with all my problems and taught me a ton of biology–making that another one of my favorite subjects.” Continuing, Roberts says, “Mrs. Wilson helped me start planning for my future years in high school and made it known that I could come to her with anything.” Roberts went on, saying,  “during junior year, Mrs. Brock always knew how to make me laugh. She taught me much more about science and opened up my eyes a little more.” For her senior year, she states that “Coach Depuy and Coach Satt both are amazing and cheerful people to be around, and that both are always there when you need them.” Finally, she adds in Mrs. Allred, stating she was “always there for a helping hand and that she is the easiest person to go to when a talk is needed. I couldn’t have done English without her the past few years.”

After high school, Roberts plans to attend Pre-med at Oklahoma State University. In five years, she says “I see myself starting medical school.” In the following years she wants to “finish medical school and become an amazing doctor that helps people,” Roberts stated. She hopes in the future to have a successful life with kids and an amazing husband.

As a final note, Roberts adds that “because of all the opportunities at Bethel, I got to start my career in the medical field at such a young age and meet amazing people that I couldn’t live