Mr. Stewart

Liz Miller, Staff Writer

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Jeremy Stewart is the principal at Bethel High School and has been for four years. He is currently married to his wife Victoria, a fourth-grade teacher at Bethel. He attended East Central University in Ada and received both his bachelors and masters degrees. History was one of his favorite subjects to study during school. He also played basketball and baseball.

Mr. Stewart wasn’t always a principal. His first job was working at a family business at a truck shop. Even though he was surrounded by his family working at the truck stop, Mr. Stewart considers being the principal at Bethel High School his best job. Some teachers that have had an impact on his life are Mr. Ruiz his fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Curtis his fifth-grade math teacher, and Coach Webb his history teacher. Mr. Stewart wanted to become a principal all because a previous administrator encouraged him to. One of his many accomplishments is seeing the seniors at Bethel walk across the stage at graduation. Another moment that Mr. Stewart enjoys is when he runs into graduates, who are now adults, and when they tell him that he had an impact on them.

One of the most embarrassing moments in his job as a principal was when he was playing a review game with a class. During this game, he says he was not paying attention and said a slang thinking of a different meaning.  He said, “risk it for a biscuit.” Mr. Stewart did not realize what he had said until all of the kids started laughing.

When Mr. Stewart is not at school or focusing on the students at Bethel, he spends his free time doing woodwork, making furniture, and working on classic cars. Mr. Stewart is a wonderful person with a kind heart and Bethel High School is lucky to have him as a principal!