Skylar Cheatham

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Skylar Cheatham

Janie Brown, Editor

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Skylar Cheatham is one of the top students at Bethel High School and has many achievements throughout her years, such as receiving an Academic Letter Jacket and being captain of the cheerleading squad.

When asked how much she has changed since freshman year, Cheatham says, “ I have become my own person and realized that being popular is not everything.”

Cheatham says her most memorable moment in high school was, “2018 football homecoming week because I had the honor of winning homecoming queen.”

When asked what her hardest challenge was during high school, Cheatham said, “JUNIOR YEAR.”

Cheatham has learned a lot during her years at Bethel and her advice to future freshman is, “Take in the moments as the come because it all moves by very fast.”

Throughout her time at Bethel, Cheatham has had many teachers/staff members who have helped her get to where she is today. She says, “Mrs. Sullinger has helped me get through a lot of tough homework when I was feeling so confused at the time.” She continues by saying, “Mrs. Brock has always brought a smile to my face on the worst of days.” Finally she says, “Mrs. Lynch has always been there for me no matter the situation I had on my hands.”

After high school, Cheatham plans on attending the University of Oklahoma. In 5 years she sees herself, “Graduating college and moving to a new state to start my career.” In 10 years she sees herself, “being successful with my very own family.” In 15 years she sees herself, “traveling the world and doing what she loves.”