Caitlin Smothers

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Caitlin Smothers

Anita Mikeska, Staff Writer

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For many students at Bethel High School, this is their last year. However, they can always look back on the fun and exciting memories they made as young teens. When asked about her favorite memory,  Caitlin Smothers replied, “the FFA banquet of my sophomore year when I got my first chapter office position.”

Changing a daily routine is hard. Finding things to do after high school tends to be difficult because students are accustomed to coming to and from school, but Smothers has her future all figured out. When asked about what she wanted to do after she graduates from high school she stated, “For two years, I will be attending Seminole State College in the early childhood development degree program. Then, I will be going to East Central University for my secondary teaching degree. Then, sometime soon after or even before that I will be getting my para and teaching severe special education at the high school level.”

Change is inevitable and when asked how she has changed the most since freshman year Smothers responded, “Mostly because of FFA I am now more responsible, honest, and a much better team player. FFA has also given me the opportunity to become a much better public speaker. If you would have told me freshman year that I would talk in front of the entire school at a Veterans’ Day assembly, I would’ve laughed in your face!”

Smothers shares that her biggest challenge in high school was, “Learning how to be me.  I had to realize that I wasn’t there to impress my peers or be there to make them laugh. I was there to further my education and figure out what I was going to do with my life.”

Through the years, Smothers has learned a lot about high school. Her advice to future freshmen is “Live a little. Do your homework and keep your grades up, but also make time to have fun and go play mini golf. Chances are, you are not going to be with these friends forever. Take advantage of the time you have.”

When Smothers looks back at her high school years, the staff members/teachers that have had the biggest influence on her were,“150% Mrs. Smith (Life Skills), Marla, Wendy, Mrs. Washburn, and Mrs. Cindy!!! Without these wonderful ladies, I would’ve never figured out what I truly wanted to be when I grow up.”

Looking ahead on what she wants to do with her future, Smothers shares, “In 5 years, I see myself second guessing my future and most likely in debt. In 10 years, I see myself right back here at Bethel High School teaching in the Life Skills class. Hopefully the classroom is  a little bit bigger…I mean come on. You would think that with all the stuff those ladies have to do in there, they would have some space!

And on an ending note, Smothers would like to let everyone know, “If you guys are ever upstairs between or even during a class and the Life Skills door is open, go say hi!! Introduce yourself to them and ask them how they are or if they need help…that room is a life-changing place and you will absolutely love the people inside!”