Students Make All-State Choir

Lorelei Yarbrough, Staff Writer

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Competing against all of the schools in the district are Bethel students sophomore Chloe Gardner (Alto 1), senior Jeffrey Peltier (Bass 2), and senior Jessica Zwermann (Alto 2) who advanced in All-State Choir. The contest was held in Tulsa’s Performing Arts Center where students spent January 16th-18th working hard and showing their pride for Bethel. Through the experience, each student grew and learned new things.

Making it to All-State took a lot of work. The process started in July where they got to learn the music for 2 ½ days at a choir camp that was held on Oklahoma Baptist University’s campus. Mrs. Fuller’s says, “This is where the kids only learned the basics of their music.” They practiced the music weekly from August until October. In October they would have their first competition.

Students that auditioned in the 1st round found out if they qualified or not in October. Those that made it would continue practicing daily on music until the 2nd round of auditions in November. If they advanced in the 2nd round additions,  they have made the All-State choir. Now they will be given new music to learn by mid-January and will continue to work on their new music from July until next January.

Chloe says that she raised her expectations. She states, “I pushed myself harder to make it to the high school choir because it is 10th-12th grade and I knew I would be competing against seniors.”

Jeffery, who is planning to continue his musical career in college said, “This year has helped me to become a better musician and helped better prepare me for college and my future in music.”

Jessica says this is her first year to make All-State. She saw herself grow by how she was able to extend her vocal range beyond what it was before, despite thinking that she was not able to. She pushed herself and got over the doubt of not being able to widen her range.

Mrs. Fuller stated, “Each of the winning students received an All-State jacket, ring, and patch.” She later stated, “They also got the amazing honor of being a part of the best choir in the state!”

The students said they had an amazing time laughing and learning with classmates and friends. Mr. Harrison, Bethel’s superintendent, took them to the Gathering Place, a newly opened top 10 park in the United States. Chloe says that it was her favorite part of the trip, “10/10 would go again.”

Jeffrey’s favorite time was at Ron’s Hamburger and Chili’s. He said, “It was an amazing time filled with delectable food but also with hearty laughs and hilarious conversation.”