Allison Tucker

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Allison Tucker

Lorelei Yarbrough, Staff Writer

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Allison Tucker is a student finishing her last semester at Bethel High School. Tucker says that since her freshman year, “I have definitely changed in how open I am with others.” She also says, “I have also have become much more comfortable with myself.”

Through all the important struggles and lessons we learn in high school, Tucker says “having to convince myself I had to go to school,” was her most difficult challenge. We all can relate because this a real struggle that all students go through where we have to drag ourselves out of our warm beds for school every single morning.

The teacher that has made the biggest influence on Tucker throughout high school is Mr. Irby: “he’s constantly been making an impact on me from 6th grade to now. Musically and just in life.”

When asked what her most memorable high school moment was, Tucker states, “winning awards at competitions with the band and getting sweepstakes in 2016, her freshman year.”

After graduation, Allison Tucker plans to attend the University of Oklahoma and to work towards getting a degree in dental hygiene. She says “I see myself graduating college and saving money up with a job here in OK but then later moving off to California.”

Her favorite year was sophomore year. She says “that was a really good year in band and I really made friends who are lifelong that I have to this day.”

Allison’s advice for incoming high school students is that “grades you make your freshman year affect you all the way through high school.”