What To Do On Fridays Off

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What To Do On Fridays Off

Liz Miller, Staff Writer

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The Bethel school district will be out on Fridays starting on April 12th until the last day of school. The reasoning behind this is to save power, fuel for buses, and money entirely. If you are ever bored at home on a fantastic day out of school, here are some things you could do:


  1. Having “You” Time

One thing you can do is sleep. Sleeping is always great and it’s very healing. It can be a great way to recharge your mind from all the stress of the week. It is understandable that some  people may not want to sleep all the time and may have the urge to be do something productive. It is also very relaxing to lay around all your house all day from your tiring week at school. You could also have a self-care day of doing things by yourself or pampering yourself. Having “you” time does not mean you are required to sleep or go out of your house.


What Madison Spurgin likes to do her Fridays off:

On Madison’s Fridays off, she enjoys talking on the phone with her friends and going out of her house to do all sorts of different things.


2.) Rearranging

Another thing you could do on your Fridays off is rearranging. You can rearrange small things or big things. Maybe even rearrange everything. For example, you could rearrange your room. Some people have had their room looking the exact same way for a while. Now with your free time, you can use this time to rearrange. You could also rearrange the photos in your camera roll and put them into albums and name them crazy things.


3.) Starting Something New

On one of your days off,  you could start a new hobby or make a change in your daily routine. You could also have a new start with some people. People that you never really clicked with or starting over with some people and trying again at your relationship. If you are more of an introvert and like to stay home, you could start a new t.v. show or movie on Netflix.


What Masyn Bentley likes to do on her Fridays off:

On Masyn’s Fridays off, she enjoys sleeping  in until 12 o’clock p.m. Then she likes to watch movies until it is time for bed. Her favorite movies to watch are the Twilight series and To All the Boys I Loved Before.


4.) Helping / Volunteering

If you are a person that enjoys getting out of the house and helping others, this is for you.  If you have some free time, show the people of your community that you care by helping out at a food bank or offering to work at your town’s Mission Rescue program. You could also offer to help your neighbors out by doing yardwork or providing childcare for their children.


5.) Practicing / Studying

 You could begin to practice a new skill. It could be something that you have never done before or something that you think could use improving. You can use this time away from school to actually get better in your core subjects. Use this time to study up on something you have been struggling with in class.


There are plenty of  other things to do on a Friday off from school. Maybe another thing you could try is creating your own list of what to do on a valuable Friday off from school.