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Cameron Wood, Editor

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Abby-Grayce Hall is one of the top seniors here at Bethel High School and has achieved so much throughout her high school career.

When asked how much she has changed since freshman year, Hall said, “I have been given opportunities to meet so many new people, which has allowed me to understand so many social differences and beliefs. This has led me to gain new friendships and become stronger in my faith and what I believe.”

Hall says her most memorable moment in high school is “my math family and throwing Mrs. Sully a surprise party!”

Her hardest challenge was that “laziness often would come in the way of the things I wanted/needed to accomplish.” She says “it’s so easy to choose what’s comfortable rather than what’s right. I had to learn self-discipline and prioritize what was most important to me. Grades were at the top and I finally found the discipline and mindset I needed to finish strong”

Hall has learned a lot in her years at Bethel and her advice to future freshman is to, “enjoy every bit of it, it really does go by fast!” She says to “make sure to know your priorities and learn discipline so you strive to accomplish your goals. It’s never too early to start thinking about your future!” She continues by saying, “however, don’t get so caught up in school that you miss the relationships that will come along the way! New friendships can be the best memories to come from high school! In order to gain those friendships, make sure to be involved!” Hall says “STUCO is one door that will open up soooo many other doors to connecting with leaders and other students who are passionate to make a change.” Her last piece of advice is “don’t get scared, all the upperclassmen are not as intimidating as you think.”

During her years at Bethel, Hall has had many teachers/staff members who helped her get to where she is today. She says she has “loved all my teachers!” Continuing, Hall says, “Mrs. Sully, for some of the best memories in class and for giving me a passion to pursue Calculus. Mrs. Brock, Mrs. Keehn, and Mrs. Gardner for being the best teachers who taught in such a unique way that allowed me to obtain all the info. Mrs. Johnson for allowing me to realize that English is hard for me but enhance my writing abilities and never giving up on me. Coach Wheeler for growing my speaking skills and making a goofy and fun environment to learn in.” Finally, she says “and Mrs. Kidney(my 3rd-grade teacher) who instilled confidence in me that I can accomplish great things if I set my mind to it.”

After high school, Hall plans on attending the University of Oklahoma and majoring in design with a minor in business. In 5 years, she says “I hope that I am living the life that God has called me to live. Whether it be to graduate from college or pursue a different degree. I hope in all the years to come, I am obedient in his word.”

As a final note, Hall wants to let everyone know that they should “try to be as involved in everything that Bethel offers! Take up all the opportunities you can to meet new people. High school is as fun as you make it!”

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