Life Skills Art Show

Lorelei Yarbrough, Staff Writer

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With paint brushes and marbles, the Life Skills class learned patience. They had six weeks before Christmas to work hard on their art before it would be presented in the Life Skills classroom. Family members and teachers had the opportunity to view the art and purchase it.  Later that day, it would also be auctioned at a basketball tournament. Even the opposing team would purchase pieces of the art. They raised 600 dollars! That money would all be put back into the Life Skills class and be put towards their Special Olympics bowling team. The art supplies they used came from donations. Any other needed materials were supplied by Mrs.Smith. Next year, they plan on using some of the money that they raised towards art supplies.

Kaylie Smothers, the teacher’s aide, says learning and working on the art made the kids have something to look forward to every day. They became very passionate about their art. “The art became so inspiring to the kids. Cody, an 8th grader, now carries around a sketchbook and draws in it everyday. It’s amazing how much the art show inspired the kids!”

The students made a total of 23 pieces of art using several different types of techniques and media. Some students loved more art styles than others. One style everyone enjoyed was being able to put glass marbles covered in paint onto a canvas. They put the marbles in a tray to watch them roll around and make trails. The teachers had also cut out different shapes like stars and hearts that the kids could paint around and use as stencils. Ashlyn especially loved this one so that when they lifted the stencil, the shape would still be there! There were several other teachers involved. The kids were able to make pottery with the help of the middle school art teacher, Mr. Bartos. Mrs. Washburn was very influential towards the kids when they  got to watch her paint. They got very excited whenever she showed them how to move the brush.

Mrs. Smith says, “now that we know what the art show will look like and how the kids will react to doing the art, we will open it up to a wider range of people. We will make sure to get the word out sooner next year!”

The kids enjoyed painting and creating so much that Mrs. Smith and others plan to make the art show a yearly event that they can raise money by selling the kids masterpieces. This is an event that is open to the community and is open for everyone to enjoy!