Coffeehouse Paradise

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Coffeehouse Paradise

Rayanna Gaines, Staff Writer

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Have you ever wanted to be in a coffee shop, but instead of coffee it served books?
Welcome to the new and improved Bethel High School/Middle School Library. Our fantastic librarian, Mrs. O’Rorke, has been able to add furniture to our library by creating a Donors Choose project. Donors Choose is a non-profit organization that helps teachers ask for classroom requests in an online format.

According to O’Rorke, her future plans are “to continue transforming the media center into a comfortable yet functional learning environment that will accommodate all Bethel students.” She also hopes “to continue adding to the diverse collection of both fiction and non-fiction books.”   According to freshman, Hailey Shaw, “The library now looks very relaxed and calm.”

The Posted Paw senior editor and high school student, Katie Nichols, thinks that “the addition of the furniture will make students want to be in the library more.” In response to the additions, avid reader, Chloe Gardner says “the furniture is the most future-forward thing at Bethel, and I hope the rest of the campus follows.” Gardner also adds, “I hope students don’t injure themselves fighting over who gets to sit on the futon.”

If you haven’t experienced the new and improved library furniture. You should totally go check it out to see how the new furniture improves the vibes of the library for you.

Here are some links to her next Donors Choose project and also her Amazon wishlist:

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