Bethel Takes the Gold

Cameron Wood, Editor

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Bethel High School has always been an excellent place with many accomplished student groups, but one that shines through is our Special Olympics bowling team. They recently competed and won quite a few awards, adding to their already long list of achievements.

All year the life skills students work so hard towards their goals and every single student is beyond talented. Many different teachers and helpers mentor the students every day, including teacher Mrs. Smith. They create bonds with the students that will last way past this year.

When asked about her students, Mrs. Smith responded, “we practiced throughout the entire fall semester and they worked extremely hard and all improved their game.”  

Bethel’s team is filled with many talented and smiling faces, including:

  • Dylan Summers
  • Lane Isaacs
  • Jaxon Moore
  • Ashlyn O’Leary
  • Katie Fultz
  • Cati Parsons
  • Emma Hammons
  • Cody Grodin
  • Cassidy Liarson

These students are some of the brightest and sweetest kids you will see around Bethel’s campus. When another student hears the name of one of these kids, they would be able to tell you all about them and how much school spirit they have.

The team’s bowling coach is Tama Thompson, who helps out in the middle school. She says that “overall we’ve had a good season and everyone is just the best.” The kids on the bowling team and in the life skills class are so nice and mean so much to everyone who works with them. Mrs. Thompson stated that “they’re all our babies!”

Three students from the team won gold: Dylan, Cati, and Emma. These three students will be advancing to the next round in February in Stillwater. The students who won silver are: Ashlyn, Cody, and Cassidy. Those who took bronze are Lane and Katie. Way to go, students! Bethel is so very proud of everything this team has accomplished; keep up the good work!