PROWL-SADD Helps at Food Pantry, then goes Skating

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Over Christmas break, the Bethel High School Prowl-SADD took a trip to the Shawnee food pantry to spend the day helping restock shelves and preparing for the large number of families who would be served later that day because Christmas turkeys were being handed out.  Students organized pasta, worked in the freezer, sifted and sorted bakery items, stocked drinks, canned goods, personal items, and breakfast foods.  

When the students volunteered at the food pantry, there were many different and exciting jobs for everyone. The boys had a special job of “helping in the freezer to give out turkeys to everyone waiting for their meal,” teacher and volunteer, Mrs. Johnson stated. When asked if the group had fun, Johnson said: “definitely so, it was super fun getting to stock and help out.” Not only did this great group of Bethel students have a blast, but they also helped out many families in the process. 

After they were finished, they headed to Oklahoma City’s Bricktown and had a blast ice skating at the Devon Ice Rink. Despite the field trip being over Christmas break, everyone was beyond ecstatic to go; many kids showed up and greatly enjoyed the fun trip.  

None of that would be possible without the great teachers who took the group. Everyone say a huge shout out to Mrs. Brock, Mr. Zimmerman, and Mrs. Johnson, sponsors of Prowl-SADD.