Football Season Recap

Cameron Wood, Editor

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Football season is a great time for not only the fans and parents of the players but for everyone in attendance, no matter the reason. The marching band shows off their skills while performing at our halftime shows and keeping the crowd excited by playing along to the game. It’s an amazing time for the new Freshman who is experiencing Friday nights as a high schooler for the first time. The ones who make the night possible are the players who get the incredible opportunity to play a game they love with some of their best friends.

Every single year, in a matter of weeks, the school goes from supporting the football team on chilly nights to cheering on the basketball team without even thinking about it. Taking a step back to recap, we look over all the wins and losses the 2018 football team experienced this year and how every game made them grow as a team. We applaud all the coaches that led the boys to their victories and how they are huge factors in how the season went. They instilled confidence and team spirit in the players that have not been seen in a while. As the years go by, the spirit will continue to grow in both the supporters and players.

If you watch the game, you can see there are a special few who keep the entire team hyped up and ready to play their best. The student section also has a huge impact on game nights. Having the crowd packed in the stands gives the nights a magical feel that leaves the students and parents in attendance with an incredible feeling of school pride. Seeing all the students dressed up in the theme for the night makes the game so much more fun. Thank you to all those who helped make this year’s 2018 football season amazing!

A few of the players from the team won impressive awards for their skills and how they played this past season. We would like to say a huge congratulations to our football boys that made class 3A-2 All-District:

  • Matthew Melter- Defensive MVP
  • Gabel Ledbetter-1st Team Offensive Line
  • Hunter Gambill- Honorable Mention Offensive Line
  • Josh Rooker- Honorable Mention Defensive Line
  • Terrell Dodson- Honorable Mention Defensive Line