ACT Prep

Cameron Wood, Co-Editor

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Students everywhere have taken and will take the ACT sometime in the future; it is just part of moving on to the next stage of life. That being said, you should be as prepared as possible to do so. All colleges require you to take the ACT, however, different kinds of colleges require different kinds of scores to get in. Private universities are more difficult to get into and can be costly, so you would need a high score to be accepted. Scholarships that you receive from the ACT can be helpful to pay for college. Even if you don’t get the score you wanted, you can keep on taking it.


There are many ways to prepare for the upcoming tests. For starters, begin taking the test as soon as possible. It is recommended to have already have taken it at least once at the beginning of your Junior year. Make sure to purchase the official ACT prep book that is filled with plenty of helpful practice tests and actually take time out to use it (more than once). It is tempting to let it sit under your bed, but it is very useful to go through it and to study over and over again, until confidence is gained, and then some. After taking the test and receiving scores, go back, review and redo. Do that until you get better. The night before the test go to bed on time and get a good night’s sleep. Wake up, eat plenty for breakfast, but make sure not to eat anything too heavy or else you won’t feel good the day of the test. Bring a pre-approved calculator, multiple number 2 pencils, snacks for the break, and a wrist watch that does not have an alarm to the test, as it can be very helpful to pace yourself, which is a useful tactic in bringing your score up.


To register, go to the official website at:


You must submit a photo to the website by the set date or else you will not be allowed to take the test. You must bring your state issued ID and your test ticket to be let into the test. Juniors will be given a free ACT test day in the Annex in the spring.


Remember: this test is very important to students everywhere. While the ACT counts for colleges, so does GPA. If you do poorly the first time, don’t doubt yourself. Instead, gain confidence and do what you can to get the highest score possible. Anything is achievable with hard work.


Upcoming test and registration dates can be found in the following link: