Bethel Clubs Continued

Lorelei Yarbrough, Staff Writer

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Our school has many different activities that students can be involved in. Two of the most popular ones celebrating culture and arts, are none other than Foreign Language and Art Club. For more information on these clubs, read below:

Foreign Language:

“Foreign Language Club allows students to come together as a fellowship and socialize… hopefully bring international foods with them, too”, says Mr. Caudle, the club’s sponsor. It brings students together for a once a month international food lunchin. Members meet twice a month: once to plan the the type of food and talk about what everyone can bring, and another time to enjoy the food together! To join Foreign Language Club, you at least have to taken a foreign language while in high school. There are no club dues, just the food you volunteer to bring. Unfortunately, sign-ups for Foreign Language Club have already passed, but Caudle says they are looking forward to having new members next school year.

Art Club:

Mr. Malouf says, “The art room is still here even if you couldn’t take this year. Art Club opens up the opportunity for kids who can’t be in art to still be involved in the arts. It’s another voice to kids that are already involved and want express themselves more.” Art Club allows students to be involved in art for those who can’t fit it into their schedule. It gives kids already in art an opportunity to come together with one shared interest and try to help do positive things. They meet once a week on Fridays to talk about upcoming projects and discuss new ideas. To join, you have to pay 5 dollars. The five dollars comes back to the art club through paying for field trips or help with food for parties at Christmas or Halloween. At these parties, members paint pumpkins or make Christmas cards to celebrate and spread the fun of the seasons. Not everything is art related. Art Club also decorates nursing homes and puts up Christmas trees on Main Street, and tries to incorporate as much art as possible when helping community members.

I am personally involved in both of these, and as a current member, I can say honestly that I very much enjoy both of these programs. If you haven’t signed up, feel free to next year and thank your sponsors for all of their hard work.