Lorelei Yarbrough, Staff Writer

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With the school year going steadily and everyone easing back into the swing of things, clubs are starting to pop up. If you’re wanting to join a club or help lead kids to make better decisions, PROWL SADD might be the choice for you or your friends. Students are encouraged to work with kids to enhance their decision making, and help with Red Ribbon Week.

A positive about PROWL SADD? It doesn’t take up a huge part of our busy high school schedule, and it is improving the children’s lives when it comes to their choices and decision making.

PROWL SADD stands for “People Reaching Out With Love” and ”Students Against Destructive Decisions.” Among its many positivities, this club also allows members to work with special needs students. Members will work with the same student year-round through celebrating the holiday seasons and interacting with them two other times throughout the year. For Christmas, high school students will write in the cover of the book they order for their student for sentimental purposes, and hopefully, to inspire them to read more. Along with the book the students give the kids, members will also give them gifts of their choosing (and of their own money) or Christmas.

To join PROWL SADD, it is required to pay a 10 dollar entry fee. But if students long to be apart of it, yet lack funds, they can talk to Mrs. Brock about a scholarship. The 10 dollars will cover the cost of food and presents. Mrs. Brock will also generously help purchase a Christmas present if you are a student that has joined on a scholarship.

PROWL SADD does not have pre-scheduled meetings. Students meets 3 times a year with their elementary students and meetings are announced over the intercom. Mrs. Brock will meet with the officers five times throughout the year, to discuss other things like Red Ribbon Week and other activities.

Mrs. Brock stated: “PROWL SADD gets students involved with the opportunity to mentor a child and to show others they want to make good choices.” Anyone interested should give this club a try and attend one of their meetings.