Baseball Senior Night

Chase Wilson, Staff Writer

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It was the last home baseball game of the season, sunshine and warm weather– the perfect evening for baseball. There were three seniors on the team, two players, and the manager. Ben Lauck, number 24, was the first senior, and was the starting pitcher for his last game as a Wildcat. The second senior, number 22, was Bailey Raines. He took his position at second base as he took home field for the last time. The senior manager was Chris Brown.

After the senior night ceremony, it was game time against Holdenville. Ben Lauck was on the mound for the first three innings. He struck out several batters and only gave up three runs. However, after a couple innings the Wildcats were still down. With the bases loaded, Ben Lauck came to bat, drawing on his reserve of “senior power” he crushed the ball over the left field wall for a grand slam and put the Wildcats back on top. In the fourth inning Jaylon Gordon took over for Lauck on the mound. He kept the Wildcats on top and held off Holdenville for the rest of the game. In the end the Wildcats won 7-3. This weekend district tournament starts in Ada, good luck Wildcats!